Advice on company takeover

Would you like legal advice regarding the takeover of your company? Stefan Lossy is ready to help. If you want everything done properly, advice regarding the takeover of a company can be very important. Do not hesitate and ask for the help of one of our lawyers specialising in the transfer of a business.

Advice for the takeover of a company: taking over assets, shares, and clients

A company takeover is often quite complex and there are lots of things to consider. For example, various assets and shares are taken over during a business takeover. It is also possible to take over clients. Whether you offer your company for takeover or you take one over yourself: it is always useful to receive proper advice for it. Lossy Advocaten specialises in various law areas, including the transfer of businesses, which is subject to contract law. It is often also recommended to draft a written contract to be signed by all interested parties. Lossy Advocaten can help you with it. You get a proper explanation of the transfer process, but also draft the certified content that can no longer be changed.    

Specialist in various areas of the law

Lossy Advocaten isn’t only specialised in contract law, but also handles corporate law, family property law and insolvency law. Lossy Advocaten values a personal approach that is at the same time direct and intensive. Would you like to know more about Lossy Advocaten? You can reach us any time at 03 239 10 15