Liability of nv directors

Are you looking for a lawyer who has extensive experience with the liability of nv directors? Then Lossy Advocaten is the right place to be. Lossy Advocaten has many years of experience and knows what really matters for the client. We always aim for the best possible outcome.    

Liability of nv directors:
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For example, Lossy Advocaten can help you with the liability of nv directors. The law stipulates that all directors must provide ‘good management’. This means you are considered liable for your actions as nv director. Lossy Advocaten can advise you concerning your rights and obligations. We also provide assistance when your ‘good management’ is questioned, for example, due to failure to fulfil administrative requirements, negligence or fraud. If a judge decides you have caused damage to the company or the nv, or that you have caused damage to others through your company, we assist you during the legal process or help you during mediation.