Inheritance rights

Has your partner, father, mother, or other family member passed away and would you like to make sure a lawyer handles the inheritance rights for your relatives? Lossy Advocaten specialises in family property law, including inheritance or succession law.

Legal advice on inheritance rights 

Sooner or later we are all faced with inheritance or succession rights. When someone passes away there is an inheritance.  If a will has been drafted, it is often already clear who has a right to which part of the inheritance. However, a will is not always clearly formulated or relatives do not agree. This means a lot of things need to be clarified. During such a process, it is best to have the help of a lawyer specialising in inheritance or succession rights. Stefan Lossy specialises in various areas of the law, including: 

  • Corporate law;
  • Contract law;
  • Insolvency law;
  • Liability law;
  • Commercial and economic law;
  • Family and family property law;
  • Corporate criminal law;
  • Inheritance or succession law and estate law.

Stefan Lossy advises you on your rights and obligations, assists you during the process, provides support in the case of jointly owned companies, and mediates between the various parties for the legal settlement and division of the estate.