Do you need a lawyer to handle your divorce? Lossy Advocaten specialises in family property law. Divorce is already a source of chagrin in itself. That’s why it’s good to settle issues as amicably as possible. 

Divorce lawyer: specialised in family property law

Family property law stipulates how the property of two partners is divided. For example, when one of them owns a company it is important to establish which part of the company belongs to whom. It may be that company shares are in one name but nevertheless belong to both partners, for example, if you are married according to the system of free association or the legal system. The shares must then be divided proportionally or the partner may be bought out. Lossy Advocaten helps you with settling and dividing shares following a divorce. We also assist with share disputes in divorce cases and the settlement and division of shares. Lossy Advocaten also supports you when disputes arise. Do you need a lawyer for a case different than a divorce? We also specialise in contract law, insolvency law and corporate law. 

Help with inheritance law

If your partner has passed away, inheritance law regulates the division of the estate. Lossy Advocaten can help you in such cases as well. Would you like more information? Contact the divorce lawyer Stefan Lossy at 03 239 10 15. He will advise you and assist you as your lawyer during the divorce. He is always available, because he places great importance on a personal and direct approach.