Directors’ liability

 If you are looking for a lawyer who specialises in directors’ liability, Lossy Advocaten is the place to contact. We specialise in various areas of the law, including directors’ liability. Contact Lossy Advocaten if you are looking for advice and assistance during legal procedures or negotiations.

A lawyer specialised in directors’ liability provides advice, assistance and help during negotiations

Directors’ liability is the liability of one or more directors for certain actions they have undertaken as the director of a company or another legal person. This is the case, for example, when a judicial body concludes that damage has been caused to the company they manage. The director is then held responsible for the damage and must provide compensation for it, for example, by paying a sum of money. Stefan Lossy assists you personally during a legal procedure based on a case of directors’ liability. For example, you will receive advice concerning subsequent actions and support during mediation. 

Lawyer needed in a different area of the law

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