Liquidation of companies

 Would you like the assistance of a lawyer during the liquidation of a company? Contact Lossy Advocaten. Stefan Lossy specialises in corporate law and various other areas of the law, and is able to help you with everything that is involved in liquidating a company.

A lawyer’s assistance during the process following the liquidation of a company

When a company no longer generates profit, it is restructured or, if shareholders have different opinions regarding the future of the company, it is possible to choose its liquidation. If the general assembly of shareholders decides to liquidate the company, the ensuing process is complex and includes different stages where using a notary is required. In such cases it is advisable to use a lawyer. A whole range of actions must take place in order to convert the company assets into cash and thus pay off any debts or be able to divide the assets among the various shareholders. Would you like help with liquidating a company or is your company already liquidated and you need assistance with dividing the company assets? Then Lossy Advocaten is the partner you need. 

Other areas of the law

Lossy Advocaten isn’t only specialised in corporate law, but also offers advice and assistance in other areas of the law. Stefan Lossy also handles insolvency law, contract law and family property law. Lossy Advocaten always provides a personal and direct approach. For more information call 03 239 10 15.