Are you looking for a lawyer specialising in contract law, and who is therefore up to date on all laws and regulations regarding contracts? Call Lossy Advocaten. We provide advice and offer assistance and support during mediation in various legal disciplines, including contract law. Would you like your contracts drawn up in line with the law and do you need a lawyer for this purpose? Lossy Advocaten is there for you.

Lawyer helps you draft solid and specialised contracts

Lossy Advocaten has experience in various areas of the law

  • Inheritance and estate law;
  • Insolvency law;
  • Family property law and family law;
  • Corporate criminal law;
  • Liability law;
  • Commercial and economic law;
  • Corporate law;
  • Contract law.

Drafting solid contracts, both for businesses and for private persons, is very important to prevent disputes. Once everything is outlined on paper, your agreements are transparent and clear. Lossy Advocaten assists clients during the negotiations for various contracts and provides advice concerning the clauses that must be included in the contracts.