Company liquidation

 Have you decided to terminate a company and would like a lawyer to assist you with the liquidation process? Then Lossy Advocaten is the right place to be. Lossy Advocaten specialises in various areas of the law, including corporate law.

Company liquidation: lawyer helps with division of shares

Would you like to restructure your company? Has your company been unprofitable for a while? Do shareholders have different opinions concerning the future of the company? In that case, you may decide together with the other shareholders during a general assembly that it is better to terminate the company. It can’t be done just like that: to fully terminate the company it is necessary to liquidate it. This means first and foremost appointing one or more liquidators who need to make sure that the company’s assets are converted into cash. This is a complex process involving both the notary and the court. It is advisable to also use a lawyer. The lawyer keeps an overview of what is being done and helps you order the various tasks of the liquidators. Outstanding debts must be repaid and the remaining assets must be divided between the shareholders. Only once this has been done can the liquidation be closed and the company ceases to exist. 

Settlement of divorces and estates

Lossy Advocaten is your personal partner for the liquidation of a company. But you may also use Lossy Advocaten for settlement of a divorce or an estate. Lossy Advocaten is specialised in different areas of the law, which means you may contact us with almost any legal issues. Contact Lossy Advocaten at 03 239 10 15