Corporate law

Are you looking for a lawyer who specialises in corporate law in the proximity of Antwerp? Lossy Advocaten is the place to contact. Lossy Advocaten has offices at Mechelsesteenweg 121, Antwerp. In addition to our specialisation in corporate law, we also specialise in various other areas of the law, such as family property law, insolvency law and contract law.

Help during legal procedures provided by a corporate lawyer in antwerp

A company is established through articles of association. These articles of association create a company whose goal is to make profit. There is a distinction between civil law companies and commercial companies. 

  • Civil law companies are companies with a civil purpose, such as a law firm.
  • Commercial companies are companies with a commercial purpose, such as a construction firm. The focus is on the activities performed by a person who is seen as a trader.

Do you need help with corporate legal procedures provided by a good lawyer based in Antwerp? Contact Lossy Advocaten, for example, in the case of disputes, but also for the judicial dissolution of a company.